Curtis' Birthday!

When Ryeley and the kids came down we had a birthday party for my nephew Curtis! He was super excited. All of Brandon's family came over and one of my friends from church brought her son and 3 nephews. Curtis had his favorite cake and got both his favorite ice creams! We just finished singing and everyone was ready to cut into the cake. Everyone sang SOOSOOOO loud Curtis couldn't stop grinning! Miss Anna gave him a sweet dart gun and that was one of his favorite gifts. A very Hot item the entire weekend!
His dad gave him tons of skate boarding stuff. Aunt Chance and Uncle Tim gave him a Tec Deck display case and we gave him a remote control truck!
Ready to board!
He was so gracious with all the gifts he received! I sure love that kid! He was so grateful for his party and told me he would never forget it. Gracie asked if they could come back for her birthday! :)

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