Christmas Nativity!

Every year one of our favorite Christmas F.H.E.'s is to build our own nativity. I assign everyone 3 things that they have to bring back! Everyone rushes away to find the perfect fit! This year they had to tell us what part each person played in the nativity. I LOVE this tradition. The kids are so proud of what they build every year. It is the ugliest most beautiful Nativity we own! This year Max had Joseph and the shepherd. He told me that Joseph was Jesus' daddy. Correct answer but I wanted them to dig deeper! HE then surprised me and told me that the shepherds had to be worthy to see the star so they could follow it to find their savior! Darby had Mary and the wise men. She told me that the wise men brought gold, frankyscents and Muir. (hee hee) There is even some Muir in the manger with the baby Jesus! Dash had the baby Jesus and the donkey.

Cast: Batman = Joseph
Barbie = Mary
Lizard guy, Cop, Sailor little people = Wise men
General Grevious, misc star wars guy = shepherd
Neo pet = baby Jesus
Stegosaurus = Donkey
Cotton balls = hay for his bed
paper towells = snow?


Mandie said...

I totally loved this! We did it for FHE, the kids had a blast. I, of course, forgot to take a pic!! The girls made Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, Mary and Joseph,one of their baby dolls (who was 2x as big as Mary and Joseph) baby Jesus in a shoebox, and they dug out all their play animals- we had alligators, frogs, cows, etc.. My fav- Dylan built an Angel out of legos, and made a star out of paper which he taped to the flashligh. I can't wait to do it next year-and document it with a photo!! Thanks so much for the idea =)!!

hannah ramsey said...

HAHAH. i got a great laugh out of this. :) SO CUTE.