Little Brother was never quite right!

I got to go home for my cousin, Nick's farewell before Christmas! While I was there I spent some "quality time" with my little brother! He stole my camera , while we were shopping and this little photo shoot is what came out of it! (I gave him the new reversible beanie for Christmas that he is modeling!)
This is for the days he is feeling a little "black". ( I took this one, before he stole the camera)And on a sexier note.... plaid!
Do you like? (Camera is out of my hands now!)
Sexy or creepy...can't tell!
Sideways creepy!
I will kill you in your sleep creepy!
Suprised? I think?
I killed someone in their sleep, what should I do creepy!
I have an idea creepy!
I am farting while people are passing by. (really)
Sorry I stole your camera and farted in public!
My little brother is really NOT creepy! He is one of the funnest and funniest guys around! I love his guts and am forever lucky that I get to call him MY brother! I have tons of fun when I am around him and he makes me feel good when I am blue! He's an amazing dad and I marvel all the time how he does it alone! Ryeley, you are the coolest creepy camera thief I know! I love ya!

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