Nick's farewell!

This is my cousin Nick! He is going to Paraguay on his mission! He is amazing and I just adore him! I can't believe he is old enough to go on a mission! I remember when he was tiny...making me old! His farewell was really great! His talk was about having a Mary or a Martha Christmas. Enjoying your family and the things you have and not doing to much! He and a group (a lot) of his friends, in matching ties sang "Armies of Helamen". Nick didn't make it through the song with out crying and a couple of his buddies teared then put their arm around him and finished strong! They had sung at another friends farewell that morning too! It really was beautiful! Right then I vowed that I would live somewhere that my kids could grow up with friends that would encourage them to reach their goals! Nick is a great example! I have a goal to write him every month for his whole mission! (Hopefully I can stick to it!)
This is my amazing Mother in law, Myrna (B's step mom) and one of my brother in laws Tyson! They came up for Nick's farewell and to see me! My uncle Spike (Nick's dad) sand at Jeremy's funeral, making us all connected like one big happy family! It was sooooo good to see them! I hadn't seen her since dad's funeral! She is amazing! Grandpa Carter reading to one of Nick's nieces! My grandpa is soooo patient and LOVES his grandkids and great grandkids. I love when they are just starting to walk he holds their hands and will walk with them forever! He taught me how to snap and whistle! (I think I was under 4!)
Granny and Gramps! I got to live with them before I married B! They were really patient with me and I will never forget it! My granny is strong and smart! She can crochet like a mad woman and she taught me how! I don't think I will ever be as good as her though. She makes the best Christmas candy and when ever I call I feel like I am the person she was dying to hear from! I am sure she sounds like that to everyone but I love the way she makes me feel!
Ryeley and Malorie! (Mal is Nick's sister!)
Nick and Rye!
It's exhausting being his sister!
I know Nick will be a GREAT missionary! Can't wait to post pictures of his homecoming!

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