On Thanksgiving after the dishes are done we set up the tables for BINGO! It is a long standing tradition that my family loves! (I think it is over 20 years old). Everyone that comes and wants to play brings a gift ($5 or less, but we shop all year so some things are REALLY good). There are sometimes homemade items. Jewelry, scarves, crafts etc. One year granny did an afghan with all the left over yarn she had over the years that said BINGO in the center of it. (Yes she is that good!) It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen but we all wanted it soooooo bad. I think my cousin Paul won it. We like to invite anyone who wants to come as long as they follow the rules. The only rule is NO CRYING! You can pick or steal and once it has been in possession 3 times it is out of the game! SOOOOO much fun! Tons of stupid jokes and even more stupid gifts! One year there was a bobble head with my grandpa's picture in the frame face. It was super funny cause my grandpa wasn't even there! Ha ha! My kids love this tradition and we have kept it going even when we aren't by my parents and grandparents so now some of our friend s have come to love it too!

Here Dash won a pair of toe socks! He LOVED them. He is right on the border of being able to play due to the crying rule! He won a gift card to Pink Berry and someone stole it from him. Very sad. But you can see that he made up for it with his sweet socks! Tons of snacks and drinks! We have tried all different Bingo sets over the years. The best one is the cheapest one. Pull out the cards and pennies and cheerios for markers! Here is Aunt Chance (far right), Uncle Tim, Domenique (cousin), Justin (cousin) Jayden (cousin), and Aunt Elaine!
You can't have Bingo with out my dad flippin you off with his half finger! He thinks he is HILARIOUS! He always says "This is if you 1/2 tick me off!" (only a little more colorful.) My mom is not excited about it! Ireland (cousin) doesn't even realize he did it! She is to busy picking out her markers. There is a strategy of not mixing markers on your card. Bad Luck if you do!
Ireland won silly straw glasses! She was so sweet to let Dash keep trying them out! That is one of the the things I love about Bingo, NO prize is ever lame. There is something for everyone from candy bars to gift cards, luggage (clearance), crock pots, crafts! SO much fun. One year my super classy friend Alison (she really is classy) brought these naked old lady salt and pepper shakers! It was hilarious because they became the HOT item of the night and my Granny fought tooth and nail for them! NO CRYING! :)
Uncle Tim and Aunt Chance!
Brown Olivia! (Dash was in love with 2 Olivias in Tx. One was Latin and the other was not. He called them brown Olivia and white Olivia. We told this story to Aunt Wendy and Olivia and now that is what I have to call my sweet niece Liv! She even put it in my cell phone that way!) I just adore her and will have to do a whole blog post on her one day! She graduates in May making me feel SUPER old because when B and I dated she was only 2 and used to call me "Bazshazshee"!
Aunt Marilynn and Uncle Jamie!
Getting ready for the festivities to start. Here is a better picture of Aunt Elaine and you can see Journey in the back. Don't forget the 2 cheese balls Dash and Darby!
This is Brandon's niece Jenny and her husband and their little baby Kadence! She makes me feel super old too. I will not tell you how old she was when I started to date B!
Thanksgiving was full of fun, family and food! I think our favorite part will always be Bingo!

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Erin said...

We loved playing BINGO the one year we were able to. Love you Juicy Twist!