Nana's girl!

No one can deny this baby as my mom's grandbaby! I am sure if I had baby pictures of my mom you would not be able to tell them apart! Juliet is a mini Nana! Everyone sees it but my mom! You can't tell in this picture but they even have the same color eyes! (And the same cute hair on this day!) :) Hairy! She was sitting by Nana during our Thanksgiving Bingo festivities and Nana gave her a new cup with a straw, some cheetos and you'll never guess what she put in her cup! Diet Coke! Nice!
Two peas in a pod! I LOVE that they are so much alike! Zuzu loves her Nana!


Alison said...

Holy cow, they are twins!

Sharlynn said...

I can totally see it. They even smile the same. How fun!