Christmas Eve

The kids were sooooo excited to get home from dinner to open Christmas eve gifts and homemade pajamas from Nana! This year all the pj bottoms were made out of fleece! SO cozy! Dash's were monkey jammies. Max were G.I. Joe (camo, or Gee Jy Joe if you say it like Dash). Darby's were pink with frogs all over and Juliet's matched hers. Brandon got 2 pair because we know he is my mom's favorite. I got a pair of Footie p.j.'s. NOT PRETTY! They were not long enough for my tall body and that is all we are going to say about that!

Juliet in her cute p.j.s! She is looking at the book Darby got her! It came with a dvd about animals and she watches it all the time now! Dash got Max a millennium falcon galactic heroes star wars thing! Max freaked out because it was AMAZING! (Dash had help picking that out) Juliet got Daddy teeth whitening strips. (B and I always wanted to try them but could never justify 20$....so Juliet sprung for it this time....they were pretty cool and they work!) I got Darby the 2009 Ripley's Book. (She collects them.) Brandon got Dash a puppet making kit! Too much fun! And Max got me vibrating foot massaging slippers! The Best gift ever! I love this new Tradition. Everyone had so much fun buying for each other and feeling like they had found the most special gift! It saved me buying a bunch of trash at the dollar store so that every one has a gift from each other! We will for sure keep this tradition!

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