Happy New Year!

Here I sit on New Years Day with so many thoughts and of course no time. I will commit to lose my baby weight or at least enough to feel good in my clothes and not want to wear pajamas everywhere. I am also going to teach another format this year. All ready signed up to sub so now I can't get out of it! I am going to blog weekly! Brandon printed my blog for my Christmas gift and I cried and cried. Not only was it a great gift but it helped me to fulfill a commandment of journaling and writing my family history. Knowing it wasn't that expensive it has rekindled my excitement! I am going to the temple once a month and I am going to pray with my eyes closed. (ANy mommy knows why that is a habit I have to try to get back!) I am going to "just do it" with my home. B and I did that a few years ago and it changed my life. When you are to tired to fold the basket of clothes and say you will do it tomorrow then you "just do it" ! It sounds silly but the 10 minutes you put forth saves hours later. (Laundry piles after just one basket then it is way to big to just do it!) If you "just do it" on all the little things they never get to be big things! Almost like "eating the frog first". Do the thing on your list you least want to do first rather than stare at it all day hating it and letting it take up your energy. (mine usually will end up on my list for the next few days making me hate myself and my list). If you "eat the frog first" nothing tastes as bad and it is off your list freeing up your emotional energy!

I think that is all my resolutions. EXCEPT for the biggie. Diet coke. I will need a whole blog about that one. Tear.

Later! with photos of all the end of year festivities.


cheri said...

You're so hilarious!! So glad you wear your pajamas everywhere too, but you're right, baby weight needs to come off...me not you. :)

Sharlynn said...

I Love You!