Christmas Morning!

Here is Max AFTER we opened all our gifts! I love it! This is how we all feel I think on Christmas Morning! Coming down the hall to see what Santa brought!
Juliet got a new rocking chair! She LOVES it! She sits in it and slouches down and rocks herself with her tip toes. She doesn't like to share her chair!
It goes along with her thinking she is so big and important! Santa knew her too well!
She got another book on Animals that she is very serious about! (Someone should comb that babies hairy!)
She also got a baby doll that she loves to hug and hit!
Max did get a DSi. I think it was the letter he wrote to Santa in his best penmanship that he would take really good care of it!
Darby got a DSi and an art kit! She was very excited because she couldn't decide if she wanted a DSi or a camera. The DSi has a camera in it! Too much fun! (Mrs Santa was saying maybe next year. Santa is a sucker for both of them!)
Dash finally got his pink DS! The case looks black but that is what you get when Santa gets things on ebay! (Santa knew that one day Pink would not be his favorite color any more but he is very wise to know that he has a little sister!)
Oh the glories of Christmas morning! Nothing to do but play play play! (you can see all the toys in the back of Max, they came from the Thomas'! They were getting rid of baby toys so Juliet got Christmas early! Santa only brought her books and her chair!)
Daddy helping with the new Ds.
Everyone was in spread out all over connected to the plugs so they could play their new toys!
Juliet had to relax a bit and watch her new animal dvd from her sister!
Brandon wishing his mom a Merry Christmas and apologizing that her gift was found under our tree! (oops)
Christmas day before we went to the Cannon's for dinner!
We had a great Christmas and felt very blessed! It is one of our favorite times of the year. It is steeped in traditions and filled with the Spirit! We love it!

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Brandon said...

Tell Santa to stop spoiling the crap out of those kids. They might turn out to be brats.