Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Another one of our family traditions is to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. My kids love getting their new ornaments from us and looking at all their old ones! I gave them each a theme! Darby is snowmen, Max is Santas, Dash is reindeer and Juliet is penguins. That way my tree is still cute and when they leave they will have really great and cute ornaments that they will want to use! (Even the boys wives won't be able to argue with that...no nfl or Teenage mutant ninja turtle ornaments....not that there is anything wrong with that!)

This is where my dad pretty much stayed the whole time they were here! He had a portable dvd and would plug it into one ear. That way he could still hear us if he HAD too...sort of! He would watch his series "The Unit" and crack peanuts! I loved it! The finished product! We almost need a bigger tree cause my mom buys my kids an ornament (in their theme) every year too so we are running out of room. Each one of my kids can tell you which ornament is their favorite and why. It is never the one I expect it to be!
Juliet was gettin out of the way of the boys and the flying limbs!
I thought when I got married I would always have a real tree! I have loved nothing more than watching them all help sort limbs and click them into place then spread the branches out with Brandon. We never have to worry about budgeting for a tree every year either. Light a pine scented candle and that's as real as it gets!

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