Jefford's family Christmas Party

We had a Christmas party on the 23rd with all our Jefford's family that lived near us. Everyone was going out of town for the holiday and so we celebrated early with them! We had a great dinner. Steaks, twice baked potatoes, salad, stuffed mushrooms, rolls and shrimp! Yummy! We exchanged gifts and after we went caroling and gave out treats to friends.

The girls with Jamie!

Brandon, Jamie and Tim!

A Jefford's party isn't a Jefford's party with out a little face making! As wives of Jefford's you have to be able to hang with the big dogs! I think these pretty ladies can hang!

Brandon and Sue!
Again with the faces! It really is non-stop, it's a wonder we ever get any serious shots!
Brandon's sister Wendy sent gifts for each family! She sent us movie packages with popcorn and treats! We got Fiddler on the Roof! SO much fun! (I sent their gift to the mailing place she sent her gifts from....good one! It was the address on the box, who knew? Her gift is still on my counter with my mom's Birthday gift and B's mom's Christmas gift that was under our tree...then lost and repurchased.....I am not the best at mailing things!)
Jamie modeled a pair of sunglasses they gave to Chance! I actually liked them....on me!

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