Christmas Eve dinner!

One of our Christmas Traditions is to go to Cracker Barrel for Christmas Eve Breakfast. They don't have any in L.A.! Grrrrrr! SO we borrowed the Thomas' family tradition and went to dinner at Red Lobster! We had a great time looking at lights, doing our last "knock and run", then going to dinner. The kids were super ready to get home though because they wanted to open their p.j.'s from Nana and their gifts from each other. This year we drew names and they were sooooo excited to show what everyone had gotten each other! Max had me, Dash had Max, Darby had Juliet, Juliet had daddy, Daddy had Dash, and I had Darby! It was so much fun because they had ONE person to shop for and they really put a lot of thought into it. I never thought my family would be big enough to draw names for each other! Again with the faces! Jefford's are famous for face making. (There is usually a noise that goes with the face so you have to take the picture quick if you are in a public place!) They learn at a very young age!

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