Santa Monica Pier

When my parents came out for Thanksgiving, one of the days they were here, we went to Santa Monica Pier. My dad hadn't been there for years and years (went with the military) and mom had never been. We accidentally parked in the wrong place and discovered a really fun part of the beach! This was at the end of the trip and Juliet had crashed. She LOVES her papa and has him suckered! All she had to do is fuss a little and he picks her up and carries her all around, in or outside! SOOOO tired. Can she ride in the stroller and sleep? NOOO. She had to sleep on papa!
Juliet loves to watch the waves. She didn't want to look away from them for me to take a picture but she turned her head at least. (her eyes would NOT look at me)
She was cracking up here.
There are all sorts of vendors and performers and stuff on the pier. Today there was a "bird guy". He had a couple birds and would let you hold them and take pictures with them while he told you all about them. They work on tips only so everyone gave him a dollar and this is what came out of it!
I DID NOT give him a dollar because I do not care for birds (on me that it) It was a surprise and I didn't move! You can see Brandon in the back watching like he knows I would never do that on purpose!
Darby was the first and the bravest.
Juliet didn't want anything to do with the bird!
Dash was ok til the bird started to climb him.
He loved cradling the bird like a little baby.
Max was super ready for his turn!
Then was super ready for his turn to be over!
This bird stayed on Darby for almost 10 minutes. The bird guy had 4 birds and a ton of people there. He said this was a really good bird so he didn't mind leaving it and walking around with the other birds. Poor Darby just stood there patiently til he came back for her. There was no way I was gonna take it from her!

Such a cute picture for us to put on Papa's Father's Day tie and Juliet turned away at the last minute! GRRRRR!
She is such a pistol. You can see on her face that she is with her Papa and she doesn't care what you say to her. Talk to the hand mommy!
This is a big ol pirate ship for the kids to play on. I think it used to be a fountain.
Here is a dragon that was part of the ship and the fountain. Darby was pretending to be consumed. What a ham!

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Erin said...

Santa Monica peer is awesome, we love it there!