Thanksgiving perfomance!

On Thanksgiving, before we played Bingo, our kids sang with B and Darby did her Jerry Lewis skit. Dash wanted nothing to do with it. So he just sat and watched! I had to take a picture of him though because he is wearing the shirt my mom made for Darby when she was 3. My mom and dad both had one too. I have kept it and all my kids wear it when they are 2 and 3 and 4 and if I can 5! It is so cute! It has turkeys all over it dressed like pilgrims and Indians and one in a football helmet! It cracks me up every year! This was Max singing "Silent Night"! He is perfect with his raspy little voice and when he lifts his head to reach for the high notes it melts my heart! He would sing "round young virgin mother to child" I loved it! They corrected him in Primary. I was perfectly content letting him sing it wrong!
They sang "Away in a Manger". The one from the Childrens Songbook with the "asleep asleep". Max did first verse, Darby did second and Daddy helped. It was really sweet!
They performed all of this at the Single Adults Thanksgiving too. Darby's Jerry Lewis skit stole the show there. I don't think any of them knew what to expect but by the middle of it they were all cracking up! I was very proud of her. She is so brave and talented!
Brandon loves performing with our kids. He loves that they are brave enough to get up and do it. I think it builds confidence and character. (you don't see me up there with them! :)

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