Quote of the day!

Max came up to Juliet and was kissing on her head a little to intensely (as usual) and gritting his teeth he said "I love a little ketchup with my bebe!" I said "What did you say?" "You know mom, a little ketchup with my bebe! Like a chicken nugget that I just want to eat up! You get it don't you? A little ketchup with your bebe?" I said " Yea, I actually do get it!"
Now we all can't stop saying it to her or each other! (Why he had to say bebe instead of baby?!?!)
I love a little Ketchup with my Max B!


Sharlynn said...

Oh so cute. He takes after his parents thats for sure. You guys are always saying cute creative things.

Courtney said...

Thats stinkin cute!

Chubz said...

I love a little Ranch with my Suzy!