Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Christmas was tons of fun this past year! Santa came and everyone got spoiled. Brandon is surprised that Nana gave him converse high tops (what he wanted) and Suzy gave him converse low tops (he specifically said he didn't want low tops). Go ahead and guess what ones he wears every day! (the low tops... I knew he would!)

Darby's brothers and sister gave her a dwarf hamster for Christmas! She was sooooo excited. Her name is Miley and she is a great addition to our family . I was a little worried that she would be a lot of work and would be stinky but she is super low maintenance and doesn't stink at all. The only thing we have to worry about is Dash. He sometimes love her to much so we have to watch him closely!
Aunt Kim sent the kids webkins and it was one of their favorite gifts! Max got a frog he named Hopper and Darby got a platypus (I think) and I don't know what she named it. Dash got a lizard that he named slibber slobber.

Dash was saying "Mom, where are presents for you to open?" I don't know honey... go ask daddy!?!?!?
Dash got a camera. I think it was one of the last Santa had because Max got a Pirates of the Caribbean camera and Dash got a Little Mermaid. If you know Dash you know he was thrilled.
Max played it cool all Christmas morning but he showed a little more excitement when he opened his star war galactic hero sets! (Daddy wanted them too.)
Darby was really really excited when she opened her ipod shuffle from Nana and Papa!
No Dash is not opening one of Darby's gift. This is his. They are puppies in my pockets. He loves them! He calls them polly pockets. They are just tiny puppies and kitties and horses! He was very happy! Maybe next year he will ask for star wars guys too.... I doubt it. He does have a lot of little girl friends that want to play with him....maybe he is on to something with that!
We had a super blessed Christmas this year. Brandon was able to fly out to spend some time with his dad. My mom was here to help with the baby. There were more gift than any one family should have. I love this season!

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