Juliet's first moments.

Here she is! (This should have been up months ago:) She was REALLY blue! As you can see she really did only weigh 6 lbs 12 oz! I didn't believe it ... they had to show me! Everyone thinks there baby is beautiful when they are first born....uhh...whose baby is that? I am sure mine was much prettier! This baby even has a "hairy"!
HOLY HEAD Batman! What happened there?
The kids came to visit the next afternoon around 4 pm. They were all so excited to see their new baby sister. Dash thought it was hilarious that she pooped. He insisted that she had to be a boy though because only boys in our family have blue eyes and girls have brown!
I stepped out and let this hospital mom take a photo so it would be more realistic. I didn't want to make anyone feel bad because I was wearing my jeans all ready. (OUCH! Can I have another one of the ice packs to go with my mesh panties please?!)
Nana loved rocking with the baby....I think she may have loved being away from the insanity that was at home with the other 3!
All three fought over holding her! It still hasn't changed to this day.... they love their sister!

That is one blue baby!

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Chubz said...

I love the feisty little look inDash's eyes as he holds little blue baby...