Blue Bonnets in Texas!

The Blue Bonnets are here! It is kind of a tradition that you take your kiddies pics in the Blue Bonnets if you live here. They bloom in April and are all gone by early May. The only bad thing is that they bloom the best off of the freeways. So you have to pull over on the free way and try to be safe. In the 6 1/2 years we have lived here I have never done it. My good friend Hil dragged me out and I am so happy! We found a place off of the freeway next to an underpass so we were totally safe!
The Blue Bonnet is the Texas state flower and if you pick them you can be arrested. (Max told me that)!
It was so windy! The girls look so pretty here that I am going to change the side photo on my blog to be this one for Juliet!
We love the Boyers!
I loved this picture! I took it when they were looking at Hil's camera!

Max's new blog photo! What a handsome, sweet boy!
Juliet was not appreciating laying in the Blue Bonnets! (Later I realized this cute summer dress opens in the back...it only has 2 buttons...OUch!)
Dash wanted to play in the freeway so bad!

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