The Great Max B turns 6!

Max turned 6 on Feb. 1st. We had cake and ice cream with the Boyer's for F.H.E.
Yay For ME!
For his Birthday Party we took him and 2 friends to the Rainforest cafe and Lunar Golfing (glow in the dark)! Tanner Wurtz and Gavin Allen are his 2 best buddies!

When we first go to the lunar golf place Dash was so excited he forgot to stop and pee! Fortunatly the golf place is in the middle of the mall. Mommy ran to the Disney store outlet and got some sweats and new ugly tennies for $8.00. When mommy got back (5 minutes later) all the golfing was done! The lame teenager at the front desk didn't tell the daddy the boys could just not golf the last hole and then they could do it over and over. $30.00 for 5 minutes of golf and pee pee pants, equal going to lunch early! Nobody, but mom, seemed to care and so off we went!

You have to have volcano cake when ever you go to this restaurant! When you order it the entire staff of waiters bring it out yelling "VOLLLCAAAANOOOOO!" It has a sparkler in the top and is VERY exciting when you see it happen to everyone else! (BEWARE parents....this really cool piece of cake is $12.00!)

When the day was over and the DS games were opened, Max settled down with his brother to play! We sure love you Max and are forever blessed to have you in our family! My sweet sweet Boy!

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Alison said...

Wow, that sounds like a Parker kind of day. Oh, and that cake looks YUMMY!!