The other day Max came and asked for a candy in the candy dish. He told me that these candies were gross at first but then they got good. It was soooo hysterical to watch him eat it I let/made him have another! I just kept clicking the camera! I would ask him "Is it good yet?" He would say "Nooogh" (Kind of like you say when you are having a contraction) Sometimes he would bend over and put his hands on his knees to "breath it out"! I would ask again "Is it good Yet?" and finally he said in a strained voice, "Mom, will you please stop asking that?" I was silent after that, aside from my stifled laughter, because I knew he needed some quiet to get through this!
Here the contraction is building and he can anticipate the pain.
Here he might just cry!
If I can just get through this....
I was laughing pretty hard on this photo!
Just breath! You can do it!
Here was a little relief after a pretty big "contraction"!
NO! Here comes another!
Ahhhhhh!!!! "It's good now mom! You can talk to me again!" I don't know about you but that would have to be some dang good candy to go through all that! I was sweaty just watching him!

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