The Jefford's title of Liberty

We had an F.H.E on Captain Moroni and the title of Liberty. Brandon was Captain Moroni and he tore his shirt off . The kids thought he had lost it. He had a bowl on his head for a helmet and a light saber for a sword. Then he gave the kids some strips of fabric to tear themselves and throw them at his feet and make a covenant for that week. It was very effective and very exciting! Darby said she would be respectful the whole week, Max would keep his hands to himself, Dash was not going to throw a fit at bedtime, Brandon would have meaningful personal scripture study (goody goody) and I was not going to yell or raise my voice no matter the volume of the rest of the house! I will tell you this FHE was very effective and so much fun, BUT beware of what you covenant! I don't care if you never ever raise your voice at anyone, if you promise your kids you won't do it at all that week they will hold you to it and it is horrid! Sometimes you have to say very quietly but very sternly "You are making it really hard for me to keep my covenant!"

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cheri said...

Why does that just sound like something Brandon would do? Scriptures are always more memorable when there's a little dramatic flare involved! I so want to steal this idea, but have a hard time picturing Scott ripping his shirt off and the girls not laughing so much the lesson would be completely lost. :)