Dressing up Baby J!

Girls clothes are soooo much fun! I forgot because the last 2 were boys. Don't get me wrong, they always looked cute, but come on and look at this cute little girl! How can my poor boys and there onsies and occasional hat compare. (Although I do have to say my nephew Rocco has some Sweet outfits and bandannas...that boy could work a baby run way!)Even the little shoes! Where do they come up with this stuff?
Brandon calls this her "Russian" outfit! It is a winter outfit and just today (78*) he got her ready and asked if the shirt did up in the front or back!?!?!? (I was on the phone with him) I said "Honey, it is a little hot so just have her were the pants." He said he would have to change her because there was nothing on under the jacket! What? Even if the jacket was done up her little belly would just be hangin' out there! I had to keep saying to myself "It's Dad, not duh"!

I loved this dress on Darby and I love it on Juliet too!
Even though daddy can't dress her very well, he is still her favorite guy (with Max a close second!)

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