Happy Easter Bawk Bawk!

The Easter Bunny came and brought us our swim suits ! Very cool! Brandon thought the Easter Bunny was a little chinsy this year with just a suit and a little candy, but I reminded him the Easter Bunny isn't Santa ! My granny has made all their Easter baskets! She told me I couldn't have any more babies because she can't buy those baskets any more. They are the same kind of baskets she made for me and my brother when we were little!
Brandon thought it was time to have a talk with Darby about the E.B. I didn't agree but there were so many questions and so she and I went for a drive to discuss. Of course she cried and asked about Santa! Duh! He is totally legit! Whew! We talked about the magic for her to help with her brothers and she seemed o.k. I looked back in the rear view mirror and she seemed sad still, so I asked if she was o.k. "Yea, I just feel like I am keeping a dirty little secret"! I love that girl and her conscience!
NANA!!!!!! made all our Easter outfits, including the hat and hair bow and matching ties for the boys! I wish I could sew like her! The sad thing is that it is now cheaper to buy the clothes because the material is so expensive. I hope she continues to overlook that and will make them their Easter outfits as long as her fingers and pocket book will allow her!
Tons of people at church asked me if I made them... it was so tempting to say Yes! Thank you Nana and Papa!

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Brandon said...

I believe the real quote is: "Thanks Easter Bunny! Bawk, Bawk!" The movie misquoter strikes again:)