Holy Random Bat man!

This all really random stuff but I have to get it out there so it is off the camera and Nana can see!

#1 We are singing praises to my friend Nora Lee who let us borrow her swing when the motor in ours died! (After a few kids they just die I guess)! Nora hooked us up with a way better swing and IT PLUGS IN THE WALL! No more batteries! It also swings side to side and Juliet will sleep in it for 2 hours at a time or longer some times! (Wouldn't you ? Look at that thing...it even has a setting for cricket sounds!) You can hear B and I singing odes to Nora through out the day! (Now if someone would just come and fold the laundry behind the baby!)

Juliet hates tummy time unless she can do it on the boppy! You just have to watch her though because she will push her legs so hard that she can push herself over it! The kids love and love and love on her. Sometimes she just wants to be left alone!

Another thank you to Christina Wurtz! The saucer is the one thing we through away after 3 kids (and it was a hand me down so who knows how many before ours). We thought it would be the one new thing we would buy for this baby! Yea, you think that but then they are here and it is time to buy it and, well you see what happens! You just call around and borrow! Thank you Miss Christina! She LOVES it!

I just loved the polka dotted legs!
Juliet gets to have solid food (cereal) now. Of course she likes it! (One more thing for mom to do in her day!) :)

"Please mom, no more, I 'm done!"

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