Max's field trip.

Max's first field trip was to the River Legacy Science Center. (Where Dash goes to Nature School.) Here their guide is talking to them about things that come out in spring! She talked about all kinds of animals and things. She was obsessed with the fact that they all had babies and they fed their babies different ways. She kept asking them how mammals fed their babies. Mrs. Topp and I just kept looking at each other and holding our breath! Did this woman realize I just had a baby and Max was about to embarrass us all with too much detail! Fortunately he didn't say anything, he just kept raising his hand and pointing to his chest. Right about when he was starting to lift up his shirt to demonstrate, the teacher let them all know that mammals got their milk from NIPPLES or TEETS! Thank you!The kids loved seeing the animals and their habitats. I love this picture because Max is knee to knee with his friend Katie (the girl with the long brown hair) and neither one of them was oobed out by it. Mrs. Topp said that they are really good friends and she would see them alone talking or playing together often!
After the lecture about feeding your young the kids got to go around to stations to explore like scientist.
Max was looking at snake skin under a microscope!
Here is a Butterfly habitat that he is checking out with a magnifying glass.
After they got to eat lunch at the park and play with their friends. Max wanted a picture with all his good friends that he sits with. This is Hollie.
Jason and Max.
This is Mary Vu (max does NOT love her). She is just one of the guys because she likes DS and Legos and Batman and her parents let her watch The Dark Night! She is with another friend, Haven. Mary didn't want me to take her picture because it implied that there might be something between her and Max. She allowed it but only with Haven!
What a cute dude!
Max and Ethan! Ethan knows all things DS and Pokeman. Needless to say he is pretty dang cool in Max's eyes. He does tell Max that his mom puts to many treats in his lunch. I think Ethan is jealous!

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