Christmas Eve is finaly here! (and gone.)

Christmas eve at the Jeffords! My mom makes the kids p.j.'s every year! This year the got a matching Quillow too. (A quilt that folds into a pillow....genius!) We got the kids to pose before going to bed! ahhhh....the love.....I wanted the cozy fire in the back at first but no one was feeling very cozy. The picture above was after I had threatened that Santa would pass our house if they didn't love each other!
Did the Christmas tree barf gifts? No.... Nana was here this Christmas and she and Papa spoiled us all!
Santa was here! (Why are Nana and Papa better than Santa?)
Santa brought all of us goodies. He even remembered Nana was here and Callie the cat! (I think Nana was surprised to have a stocking. Apparently Santa has forgotten to bring hers since she got married 36 years ago! Crazy how he seems to remember my dad??? What is going on with that? :) I bet Santa remembers next year after reading my blog ! :) :) :)

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