Poor poor Dash.

Dash and I were NOT getting along. He was not being my best friend and was definitely not my favorite yesterday. It has been building all week and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. After many tears over a lot of ridiculous things he agreed to get in the tub and after I changed Juliet I would help him and then we would snuggle. Whew! I dealt with the baby and put out one other fire and headed up stairs to total silence! Panic set in because he was supposed to be in the tub and that is a very loud activity! I found him like this, asleep, waiting for me.

This is when it dawned on me that he was SICK! He had to be sick! So later that night I took him to Care Now and sure enough, STREP! I cheered a little when the doctor told me. He looked at me like I was horrid. They can do something with Strep. If he didn't have something then that meant he was just a wretched child! Yay for antibiotics..... maybe in another dose he will be my friend again.....I know another dose will have to work....tonight he peed on his bedding so he wouldn't have to go to bed! Will the antibiotic fix that?


Chris and Mary said...

AHhhh I loved all the new blogs! I was wondering how you all were doing.
We're hoping HOPING to get to Texas at the end of the summer to visit. We really want to because I just know Liz and Juliet will be the best of friends! :)

Dane and Natalie said...

I just spent 27 hours reading your new posts. I love it all. It just makes me miss you more and more, though. Thanks for taking the time to share your cute family with everyone!

Sharlynn said...

There is a medicine that fixes that. I just haven't invented it yet. Just kidding. It is nice to have something to fix them when they are sick though. Strep goes away so fast once you get those antibiotics in them.

I agree with Natalie. Thanks for taking the time to express yourself. It is so nice to feel a little bit more connected to you since time and distance has taken that away from us. I sure love you!

Sharlynn said...

Just so you know. I like to pull up your blog just so can listen to your playlist. You always have great taste in music.