Jr. high talent show 2012

Last year Darby had a chance to participate in her school talent show.  She sang with her dad.  At first some of her friends thought it was lame that she was going to sing with her dad.  Who sings with their dad in Jr. High?  Well Darby does.  She had her mind set.  It is a memory she will have forever.  They stole the show.  They would have won too but....she sang with her dad and the judges later told me they didn't want parents or kids to be upset and say "she sang with her dad no fair"  (the same kids that gave her a hard time to begin with?  Whatever!)  I am happy have this memory forever like I said.  They sang "You belong to Me".  It's an old Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin song from The Jerk.  Brandon played the Ukelele.  I cried.  

Here she is with her good friend from church, Jenna.  Jenna took second place (deserved 1st) she sang and played the guitar.
Her other friend Osharee.  I was really proud of Darby this night.  She overcame a lot of her fears and she followed her heart.  I love the artist that she is becoming!

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