Juliet's Best Day Ever!

When my kids get a shot at the doctors they get a slurpee.   They know it.  I know it.  The worse the experience the bigger the slurpee.  1 shot = small slurpee  2 shots = med slurpee anything more and you get a LARGE slurpee.  It's not that often they get a LARGE.  They think a med. is a large to tell you the truth.  On this day Juliet had to get 3 shots (supposed to get 4...I couldn't do it after 3 I needed a large slurpee!)  We went to get our slurpee.  She got a REALLY Big one AND a donut!  This is what she said.  

"this has been the best day.  the kids are going to say why didn't you get me a slurpee and they will say will you go get me one and you will say no and they will say pleeeeassse and you will say no.   this is the best day ever. " 

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