Fire House Number One

Juliet and I had the chance to go downtown at the end of the school year last year and we got to see Fire House Number One.  It was the first Fire House here in Los Angeles.  Fire House Number One.  It was full of history and just pretty dang cool to see.  I had to take some pictures and even blog about it because Uncle Mark is a fire fighter and we love him to pieces.  If you are visiting L.A. you should go see it.  It is free.  There is usually something going on around it.  There is always good food near.  It is just a cool thing to see.  Thank you Uncle Mark for your service as a Fire fighter and Thanks to all our Fire fighters who keep us safe!  

The original "fire truck" was pulled by horses.  This is on a round-a-bout pulley system thing because they had to turn it around in case they got another call.

All the helmets from through out the years and the different bells were displayed too.
They had a water pump there too that the kids could pump.   There is a tour guid that will answer all your questions.  It really is super interesting.  A great tour for scouts!

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