Go to work with dad day 2013

Every year our kids 8 and older get to go to work with daddy on "go to work with dad day".  Actually our whole school district does it but you have to be over 8 to go to Sony.  Dash missed the cut off this year by like 10 days.  :(  I had him stay home with me and we did awesome things like bake cookies and get a slurpee and go to the park (because that is what I do for my job every day...I tried to make it super cool last year by taking him to the gym and showing him how awesome my day was then too)  It's hard to compete with Sony though.   They watch movies.  They have an animation class. They give sweet swag.   Sigh.  

crazy cool light up Sony ball.  Dash and I got slurpees? Kind of cool?  sigh.  What makes me even more sad?  Next year IS old enough to go and so it will just be me and Juliet.  Juliet won't even pretend to humor me about my job being cool.  She just wants me to get her a slurpee and then she wants me to take her to Sony!  ;)

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