Pine Wood Derby 2013

Pine Wood Derby 2013!  
Cute boy.  First day of scouts.  Ready to roll out his Derby car!
Max and his best buddy Tristan.  2 ugly peas in a pod!  ;)
Oh no!  They are converting that sweet little new scout into their obnoxious behavior!
The races begin!  Dash's car is on the 3rd track.
Max's car is on the 1st track and Dash's is on the 4th.
I love that Juliet is sitting like a sassy little lady!  Her hair looks adorable and she looks like a little summer L.A. lady just enjoying an ice cream cone!  It's her world.....

The two boys with their cars!  They worked really hard on them with Brandon.  By the time they are through with scouts he is going to be a pro at this and we will own a LOT of wood working tools!

Adventure time theme cars of course.....this is Gunther.
Jake the dog as a scout!

Well done boys and Daddy!

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