Uncle Rye's New Crew

My little brother got re-married this last summer.  I am sooooo happy for him.  She is amazing and they adore each other.  I don't think I have ever seen him this happy.  She has 3 boys and with Rye's 2 kids, they now have a family of 7.  He has me beat!!!  This is his new crew!!!  I love them all!  Curtis, Jonas, Gracie Belle (that's what I call her) Ryeley, Amanda, and on the front row is Miles and Tobias Wayne Boothe....that is his full name....again what I call him.... I add a few more things, like snake charmer and man that eats raw eggs for breakfast and dances with wolves.  He's kind of amazing.  My kids love them too so it kind of works out great.  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miles in this picture!  I love that he is, well, acting like a Jeffords.  I also love that Curtis has his hand on little Tobias' back like he is there for him.  I love that Gracie belle is in the middle of both pictures surrounded by her brothers and that Jonas is just cool.  Laid back and cool.  Goin' with the flow, just happy to be a part.   I love this little family.  They are amazing.  I'm super happy that I get to be called Aunt Sue to all of them!

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