American Idol Concert

My cute friend Diane Giles called and asked if I wanted to go to the American Idol concert with her.  You know the tour the do after the show.  The one where the top 10 and the winners get to go on!   Well of course I did!!!  It was her, Marcia Hernandez, and Anna and Myself.  We had the best time!  I will for SURE get tickets this next year for me and Darby.  It is a great show for family.  There were people ranging from 3-80 years old.  If you have ever thought of going to an American Idol concert I would for sure go!  It was a really fun show!  Thanks Didi for always thinking of me! (a few weeks later she took Darby and I to see Kristen Chenoweth---AMAZING!)  
Diane, Marcia, Anna and Me.  (Marcia was a flight attendant for a lot of years a long time ago!  She has some of the best stories about movie stars.   Really really funny ones about really really famous ones)  We really did  have a great night!  Thanks again Didi!

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