Darby's new uke

When Darby sang with her dad in the talent show we bought her a ukelele.  It was for her but Brandon loves it A LOT!!!  They both play it all the time.  It is a REALLY nice ukelele.  If anyone is ever going to buy one please call me.  I am HIGHLY educated now on ukeleles and I have the BEST guy to send you too.  This one will be in our family for a very very long time.  Darby can play about 6 songs on it all ready.  Dash can play one song.  Brandon of course can play a bunch.  It is easier to play than the guitar but will gate way into the guitar.  (B all ready plays guitar...so he loves to add with this little thing).  Like I said if anyone wants to chat Ukeleles give me a call!  (Thanks Staci G for sending me to your music guy!  He is now our music guy too!:) 

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