How To Get Good Grades In School...By Max Jeffords

In 5th grade you go through a few "rotations" during the day to get you ready for middle school.  One of Max's rotations is called "Study Skills".  I know some of the 5th grade parents aren't fans of the rotation because they would rather it be all "academics" based but I LOVE IT!  It is teaching them how to be better organized and how to be better students and how to be better people in general.  To be honest, it is all things that I have told him.  All things that I have HARPED on him about!  Hearing it from another person though, a teacher, has made it click!  He has had a few assignments that really make me smile!  He has set short range goals, long range life goals, goals for the school year and how he plans to accomplish them and the tools he will need to do it.  She has talked about organization and clean back packs.  LOVE HER!  This is his current assignment.  Done ALL BY HIMSELF!  I just asked if I could read it over to see if there were any repeats or if I could give him any ideas....because he needed 18!!!  He did GREAT all on his own!  I LOVE STUDY SKILLS!!!  Did I mention that?  

How To Get Good Grades In School

1.Come to school every day-so you get a good attendance grade-so you're not behind

2.Keep your desk organized-if your desk is clean your mind is clean-you can find stuff easier

3.Make flashcards-to keep up-its easier than studying from books

4.Turn in homework on time-your grade will go down if you don’t-so your teachers don’t have to hunt you down

5.Focus-so you learn-you might get distracted if you don’t

6.Read a LOT-it helps your grammar-you know more words than other people

7.Have neat work-the neater the work the better the grade-teachers think highly of you

8.Study-incase a test comes up-your extra! extra! extra! prepared

9.get a goooooooood nights sleep-you might zone out during class-you might be cranky and disrespectful

10.DON'T cheat-if a teacher finds out you'll get a 0

11.Be organized-to focus better-you take less time finding stuff (keep a trusty binder)

12.Be respectful-teachers think of you as a rollmodel-it stands out depending on the class

13.Take notes-so you remember-you're prepared

14.Manage time-so you know what you're gonna do-so you’re prepared

15.Correct answers-so you see what you got wrong-you can learn from your mistakes

16.Participate-to understand the material-so you don't forget it

17.Extra credit-incase your grade goes down

18.Be on time-you might miss stuff if you don’t-for your tardy grade

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