Easter 2013

We color eggs at Easter every year.  I love it as much as I love carving pumpkins.  I DON'T love doing either.  But I do them to build the memories and my kids love them.  I try to relax and remember that t is "fun"!  It's hard not have fun with these weirdos!!!  

Eaaster morning!  The Easter bunny usually brings the kids their swim suits for the up coming summer. Here is Max with his new one.  I think he was a tiny bit disappointed with his basket this year.  Some gum and candy and a swim suit.  I think he was hoping for some toys or video games.  It's not Christmas buddy!  ;)
Juliet was happy!  She was happy that she was eating candy for breakfast!
This dude is thrilled with anything new.
These chocolates are some of mine and Brandon's favorites!  They only come out at Easter.  I got my mom and granny hooked on them this year.
Darby set her candy up for a display.  They didn't get much this year.  I think the easter Bunny is getting stingy.  It's not Christmas.  It's a basket that has a little candy and your swim suit.  That is all you need.

We have to get a shot before church in their new Easter clothes.  Because after church they do NOT look like this.  This is the best one.  It takes a few to get one.

There's always one.....
ore another....

that makes it tough to get a picture!  Goofy faces, grumpy faces, closed eyes, we have them all!

Then we have them all together!
One by the door.....
Then one dorky one by the door....

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