Ghangam style with Dash!

Last year I got to help Dash's 2nd grade class with their spring dance.  They chose to do Ghangam style!  We changed it to Wilbur Style!!!  It was a ton of fun and Dash loved that I came to help so much.  I didn't get to help that much in the class room because Juliet wasn't in school yet.  She is in Transitional Kinder now.  I still don't consider that school.  It really is school but I am in denial.  She is doesn't start kindergarten til next year but that is for another blog post another day with a lot more tissues.  
Here is the cute boy on performance day.  He has all ready grown so much just over the summer.  
His whole class was so wonderful and they still are so cute when they see me on the yard.  They make me feel like a rock star.

Ghangam Style/ Wilbur style brought down the house.  Everyone loved it!

SOOOOOO cute/ Cool!!

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