Father's Day!

Tomorrow I go girls camp and won't be back for a week.  I couldn't leave with out saying something about these two guys for Father's day.  I have way better pictures of the both of them but I love what these pictures say about them.  This picture of my dad says it all.  My dad is a tough guy.  He is a retired Green Beret that served our country for more years than I remember.  He could hurt bigger men than him with his eyes closed.  Yet he is gentle enough to snuggle his puppy and chat with her on the Fourth of July.  He is this way with lots of things.  He talks to strangers and is friendly with everyone he meets.  He is a gentle giant and almost always happy with others.  I love that he is SO tough and SO gentle.  I can always depend on him.  He is a great dad.  Always was and always will be.  
 This picture of Brandon shows one of the reasons I married him.  He PLAYS!  He works hard, then he PLAYS hard!  We got him a t shirt for Fathers day that said "work Hard, play HARDER".  He Loves to play with his kids.  He is the first to make memories with them.  I am usually the one to put the bobosh on something but he will always put the book down, or the set the cleaning aside to play something with his kids.  He is always singing too.  Life is a song for him.  If it doesn't fit the song then he will make it fit by putting words to it.  Change the words to fit.  He has been singing Les Mes for SO long that now that it is popular our kids actually know it.  Sometimes they know different versions of it but they know the tune.  One time he sang a scripture version of Les Mes.  Our kids sang that for a while!  He is more fun than we know what to do with sometimes and it's hard to stay mad at a guy like that!  I'm sure grateful he is my kids dad!  We love you B! Happy Father's Day!

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