Pedicures and Manicures!

When my parents came to visit my mom took Juliet and I for pedicures!  Juliet has gotten her toes done before but never has she been able to sit in the coveted big girl chairs.  She has only had her toes polished!  She was waiting and waiting for this day!  
You can tell by the smile how happy she was!
Then she promptly came home and filed Papa's nails for the next 2 hours.  Literally 2 solid hours.  I'm sure she filed of some skin too.  I love that he is perusing a coloring book while she does his manicure.  He is truly the most patient grandpa ever!
At one point she got tired from all her filing and and had to lie down to file.  But she kept on filing....I'm sure down to the nub! ouch!   Reel men get their nails done and don't cry!

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