Play Production "Broadway Magic"

Max was in Play production this year! "Broadway Magic"!!!   Darby did Play production for 2 years when she was at Wilbur.  This was the first year for we had seen this show though.  (They rotate the same shows every 3 years so Max will do Darby's first show next year) 
 He was able to be in with his best buddy Aiden!  Aiden sang "Tea for Two"
Another one of his best buddies Joey.  Joey sang "Tonight"  from "West Side Story"
Max had a solo... usually only 5th graders get solos but there are a lot less boys than girls in the play production world so boys tend to get a few more parts.  That was just fine with me because he was AMAZING!!!!  His Solo was a song called "A Pretty Girl", an old Irving Berlin song from an old movie "Blue Skies".  It's actually even older than that.  It was originally done in the Ziegfeld Follies in 1919 the redone later by Artie Shaw then again by Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire in "Blue Skies"  (Wow...how is that for a History lesson)  At any rate....My Max B did it now in 2013 and he was AMAZING!!!  I loved every second of it.  I cried.
Here he is waiting stage left with some of his "pretty girls" for someone else's part to finish.
Joey, singing his part.
Max also had a solo moment in "Hello Dolly"  Another one of my favorites!  His friend Started singing the first verse.  Then Max sang the second.  Then they sang together.  So it was a solo then a duet.  I love this movie so I was really really happy he was in this section too!

He was also in "Be our Guest" chorus!  He was a chef in an apron.  You can see him just barely on the right.  I loved this number too.  Very very cute!
This was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
Lizzy is in our ward and one of our good friends.  She was Mary Poppins and sang this song.   I think it was the hardest song in the whole production!  She has an amazing voice and was the only girl that could have pulled off this song.  She was AMAZING!!!  I was very proud of her too!
The Lion King!  Circle of Life.
Newsies.  Max LOVED this number.
These two ladies were the directors.  They are the two that put up with ALL these kids (and all their crazy parents) for the whole year and then put on the most amazing productions I have ever seen!  They work so hard and I am so grateful for them.  I know I said that I loved each number but I really did.  All the numbers were SO good and it really is the best grade school production you will ever see!  I can't wait for Max for next year and "The Evolution of Rock"!

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