Coco the spoiled family dog!

This is Juliet and my mom's dog Coco.  Coco is one of Juliet's (and Dash's) favorite people/dogs.  I am not sure if Coco feels the same way about them but I am not sure she really has a choice.  I know in this photo it doesn't look like she is enjoying herself but she really was snuggling with Juliet while being held hostage.  Coco is a great dog and I have to finally admit it, part of the family.  She brings my parents TONS of joy and my kids tons of joy too!!!  I have sometimes wrinkled my nose at her because she is thinks she is a princess.  She IS spoiled ROTTEN though.  She only eats people food....my parents say otherwise because they put dog food out for her....but she doesn't eat it because she just waits for her portion of their meal to be shared with her.  She often gets her own happy meal....Juliet gets the toy...but Coco will chew it up if you leave it on the floor.  She eats more candy than my kids then gets a tummy ache and gets treated like a baby.  My dad ALWAYS knows where she is even if Dash is playing in the street.  ;) We are no longer aloud to have chocolate in the house in case Coco gets it she will die.  (not really but it's under very strict lock down because she will die if she eats it so we have to be really careful not to drop any on the floor while eating it.... a feat that is hard to do with a lot of kids!) 

 BUT  Even with all those CRAZY things how can you not look at those little eyes pleading for help and not give her some more candy?  She has won me over with how good she is with my kids.  We love you Coco loco puppy! 

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