A quick tour of B's work!

Then we went to visit Brandon's work!  It always fun to take a tour of the studio.  I love this one of my dad.  At work they all called my dad Big Papa!  
Granny and a Spiderman monster!
you can see how big it really was!
Nana and some Hotel T. Zombie!

Finally some "Cloudy" stuff!  We can't wait for this movie to come out!  Brandon has been on this film for a couple years now.  His part is finally done and he has moved on to something else.  We are all excited for it's release in Sept.  though.  He was head of Story on this one and he loved the directors and team he got to work with.  This is a "watermelophant"

Flint Lockwood!
Juliet's favorite....STEEEEEEVVVVEEEE!!!!!
My dad's favorite!  Earl!  classic!     They/we are all so proud of Brandon and can't wait to see the movie!

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Looks so awesome!!