I am Poem by Max

This is one of Max's year end projects.  It is one of his teachers favorites.  It is now one of mine.  She asks them to put a lot of thought into it and for Max he takes that very seriously.  This is called an "I am Poem"  It basically talks about everything that Max is and feels and thinks right now in his awesome 4th grade mind and heart.  And that mind and heart is amazing and more special than a lot of 40 year olds than I know.  His handwriting is a bit crazy (we are working on that) and so I am going to translate below but I wanted to show it in it's full glory!  I sure love this amazing boy of mine!  He makes me want to be a better person.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  

Max's "I am Poem"

I am  Unique and Creative
I wonder how mankind first communicated
I hear pedestrians everyday talking
I see random things
I want a Jurasic gumball machine

I pretend to like things my brother likes
I feel happy to learn greek so easily
I touch the Heavens
I worry if Juliet will run into the streets again
I cry when my grandpa died of cancer
I am Unique and Creative

I understand when a door closes another one will open
I say Life isn't fair deal with it
I dream to become a history major at the U of U
I try to draw good
I hope to become a fellow traveler
I am Unique and creative

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