Juliet Zuzu Jeffords' Mom!

Juliet was snuggling with me today and I thought it would a great time to talk to her and let her know how much I loved her and why I thought she was beautiful.  I asked her to look at me.  We rolled over on our sides and looked each other in the eyes and I said "do you know how beautiful you are?"  She said "Uh, yea." I said, "do you know why I think you are soooo beautiful!?"  She waited for me to tell her.  I said,  "Juliet, you are beautiful because you are soooo funny.  You are kind to brothers and sister.  You love the kitties.  Your nose crinkles up when you laugh or smile.  Your hair is soft and golden. Your eyes twinkle like blue diamonds when you smile. You are beautiful because you are so special and fun!!!"  She took my cheeks in her tiny hands and said "mommy I LOVE YOU!"  

Sigh!!  Lots of times I FAIL as a mom.  I am soooo glad I took the 3 minutes out of my day to tell her why I thought she was beautiful.  Not just for the I LOVE YOU but for what she said next.....
 She then said to me "Mom, do you know why you are beautiful!? .... Because you are Juliet Zuzu Jeffords mom"  Big tears filled my eyes.  I felt like the most beautiful person in the world!  
Then she sniffed my armpit and said "YUCK" and ran off to play!  
It was a great moment for a moment, but I will take what I can get! 

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