Bounce House Fun

More Cousin Camp!  Still trying to catch up the fun we had this summer!  I am almost done!  Maybe by Halloween!  While the cousins were here we went to a crazy fun bounce house place!  They had a ton of fun and we took tons of pictures!  I loved the pictures we got of them!  
Max was a little timid at first....
This is one of my all time favorite of C-Dog!  I want to have it blown up for his room!

Dash, not as timid as Max but not as good of shot as Curt's!
Gracie got a great shot!
and a another really fun shot!
I wanted one shot of all the kids.... but I couldn't get even one shot of them where they were all smiling.  I even told them it would be for Nana for Christmas and I still got goofy from at least one or more of them in each shot.

This was as good as it got....and here they are starting to look tired and annoyed....Merry Christmas Nana!
Darby and Curtis!
I love this one of Curt and Dash!

The Eeeeeeennnnnnndddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

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