Sister Spa Day

Sometimes I will find the girls just doing fun things that they have set up all on their own.   I just walked in because I smelled the nail polish so I had to check and this is what I found.   Darby set this one up.  It was a little Sister Spa Day.  She had done Juliet's hair and dressed her up in a church dress.  They had put on make up and now they were doing each others nails.  Darby is such a fun big sister.  She doesn't care that their is over 8 years between them.  She loves Juliet and loves to spend time with her.  

I love that they have the whole set up including a people magazine!  In case Juliet wanted to catch up on what was going on with J-Lo. 
Getting a little bored with the process......sigh.....it's not easy being beautiful.

....maybe this magazine will help.......

.....so exhausting being beautiful.......

....almost done......

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