The surprise Sanford Visit

Over General Conference weekend we had a knock on our door.  It was THE SANFORDS!!!!  I don't know how they pulled it off but they surprised us!  They were coming out to San Diego for the week and stopped by our house on the way!  I loved every delicious second of it!  Nat didn't utter a word of the trip to me for the few days before.  I know how hard that is because I can NEVER surprise her.  Not even with her birthday gifts.  I just have to tell her.  Every time I called her she didn't let it slip.  

This yummy little CoCo loved Max and Max LOVED him.  

All these little rascals loved playing with each other.  It just felt right!  I love everything about these pictures!  I love that Braden is wearing a Darth Vader costume, that my kids are in pajamas, that a lot of them aren't wearing shoes, or pants, Juliet's dress in on backwards,  and that Cole has a saggy diaper.  If you could see closer their faces are dirty too.  That is just a good day in kid world.  A good day all day long!

These 2 disappeared to make videos and take goofy pictures like 2 peas in a pod....you can see two other peas in the background.  Dane and B had a GREAT time together!
These are our America's Next Top Models!  SO cute!
And these 2 dudes just think they are ANTModels!  I guess they are pretty cute too.
and these are the models gone crazy with my computer.  I had to blog these so they would have them documented somewhere for years to come.  They sure had a great time being goofy together and that is my favorite part about them!  Darby can be her true self with Hailey and Hailee!  She loves them both so much!

and you can see why!  True colors! ;)

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