Scout Camp 2012 Treasure Island

This summer we all got to go to Cub Scout Day Camp.  The theme was Treasure Island.  I was in training to be a camp director so I was there for all 5 days.  Dash got to go as a Tiger cub.  Max was there because he is a cub scout and Darby, Curt and Gracie were all Den Chiefs because I made them.  They all ended up loving the experience and making me really proud.  Curt hurt his knee on the first day though and wasn't able to come back. :(  Next year.   He saw how much fun the girls had and I think he will be back for next year for sure.  The girls really loved working with the cubs and I don't think they hated being in charge.  They were really great examples and I was really proud of how they stepped it up!  Gracie even won a "king coconut" award for the Den Chiefs.  

Dash and Caden his good buddy.  Caden's mom was their den mom so that was really fun for Dash!  
This was Dash with his Den
Darby and Grace had time to do all the activities in their down time.  Here they are doing archery.  One of the most popular stations.

Curt had a chance to do archery before he hurt his knee.
The water slide.  We have this all week at our camp.  It is another really popular station.
This was a really cool rotation.  On this day the boys were being taught about disabilities.  It was really interesting to hear the questions the boys had for them.  One of the ladies was almost blind and one of the boys asked how she played cards.  It was fun to see what the boys were concerned with.  They all sat silently and listened through this rotation.

a picture of the dens.....the scouts must all be at their rotations.
duct tape wallets.... what a hot item this year!!!
Max B at archery.  His favorite!

Max and his den!
Cub grub!
Flag ceremony.  I tried to get this one because Dash's den was in charge of this one but all I got was a shot of his dirty butt!  Camp was a huge success this year.  I'm nervous for next year when I'm one of the directors.  Hopefully it will run as smoothly.  It's a huge job and I'm doing it because my boys LOVE cub day camp.  It's a great great camp!!!

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