Halloween Pumpkins 2012

I wish I loved carving pumpkins.  I don't.  SO over the last  couple years I have purchased little "plug ins" like Mr. Potato Heads for pumpkins.  It started with a skeleton and now we have a lot of little eyes and noses and ears and teeth and fangs and so on.  Enough for EVERYONE and a friend or two to do a pumpkin.  My kids LOVE them.  They don't need any help with them.  If we were carving I would have to help with a knife or a lot of knives.  They would get bored and tired and I would end up carving 8 pumpkins by myself.....O.K.  Brandon would end up doing it! 
This is Dash's skeleton.  I bought it for him a while ago on a date.  So he does this one every year....he is very proud of it.

This is Brandon making our "Witches Curtain".  Thanks to Martha Stuart this has become one of our favorite Halloween decorations!  It is trash bags that have been cut in strips and then the strips are stretched then you hang it in a door way!   oi

The finished project.  This is a 2 sided pumpkin that Juliet and Darby did together!
They even added some hair pieces!
The skeleton!  We usually do him in a smaller pumpkin but Dash chose a very large one for him this year.
Max chose a LOT of eyeballs and a beak!  Very spooky!
Juliet called this her "Uncle Ryeley" pumpkin.  She thought it looked like him because of his goatee!  She is behind him yelling at me because I said it DIDN'T look like Uncle Ryeley.  She sure loves her uncle!  I would highly recommend these!  They usually go on clearance after Halloween.  I know I will be getting a few more!  ;)
The finished products......
 The witches curtain finished and hung up!

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